SVG-25 Starflicker

Starflicker History

To understand the origin of the SVG-25 Starflicker, one must understand the history of the Dwarven people, largely still enslaved on their homeworld of Hades. For over a century, the diminutive race has been subject to the whims of the Banner of Galactic Peace, which has put their technical know-how to use in manufacturing a grand fleet. Enter Monte Falconer, a human with his own grudge against the Banner and a fleet sizeable enough to give the Banner a black eye. After emancipating a small but noteworthy number, Monte’s freed captives organized themselves into an engineering team they called “Orpheus” (supposedly from some ancient Greek myth) and designed a unique ship for him — one which was no larger than a corvette-class vessel, yet was somehow still jump-capable. Christened the Ivor Dove, this ship has been used extensively by the pirate leader for raids and operational management. While not able to duplicate their effort on a production scale, Orpheus developed a similar mass-market model and dubbed the series the “Starflicker.”

Monte and his pirates agreed to release these ships into the general market, making them available to every pirate with an aim to hurt the Banner. The results thus far have been better than expected. Boasting a nimble frame with over twenty tons of cargo space, Starflickers have obviously seen their fair share of smuggling operations, but illicit racing, espionage, and sabotage have also played a major role in the Starflicker’s rise to prominence.