Brewing Storm, Chapter 7. Sara: Spoils

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Sara: Spoils

Sara’s crew had emptied the primary and secondary cargo bays of all but minimal essentials for the Penance crew’s survival. She left them oxygen, food, water, but not clothing. The Penance crew had their undergarments, and that would have to do. Her contract insisted no harm befall the Bannermen, but it was a little vague on whether or not she could humiliate them.

Sara busied herself by downloading whatever information she could from the Penance’s bridge terminal, but most of it was classified and inaccessible. As she leaned back, she realized the bridge command chair was much more comfortable than the one she had on the Rosebud. She looked underneath and saw it was bolted down. Well, it was at her discretion … Nah.

“Captain?” Caesar prompted over the communicator. She’d assigned him to search the various crew rooms for additional spoils and sounded pretty excited. “I found a Banner Military-Grade datapad in one of the crew rooms.”

“Tell David, he collects Banner MG Datapads as coasters.”

“Yeah, but this one isn’t locked. The security has been bypassed to keep the screen on.”

Sara sat straight up. “Wait, what? Are you serious?”

“It gets better. This one belongs to a Lieutenant Romulus McCracken. Royalty, Sara! It has his vessel commandeer codes, personal files, correspondences with his father, Vaticus …”

Sara tempered her enthusiasm. As soon as the datapad’s absence was known, all the useful military codes would be reset. The intel would be useful, but they didn’t have time to break all the local file encryptions without raising suspicion. Unless …

“David,” Sara pinged over to her mechanic. “I need you to make a complete data wipe and transfer into one of those MG Datapads you collect. We’re going to take something with us that’s a lot more dangerous than the Banner realizes.”

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