Brewing Storm, Chapter 3. Sara: Breech

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Sara: Breech

Sara watched Ivan make the final adjustments to the explosives he’d placed and stepped back from the Penance’s airlock door to join his three armored comrades.

“Internal coms are down, David?” Sara asked over her communicator.

“Just killed ’em,” David’s voice responded.

“Alright, now kill their lights.”

“You got it.”

Sara then nodded to Ivan who held a detonator.

The external airlock door exploded into hundreds of steel fragments, but the airlock, being depressurized on Penance’s end, sucked the shrapnel in.

“Time to play Robin Hood again,” Dani teased in a sing-song tone.

Caesar clutched his firearm closer. “I prefer my gravitic impulse rifle to a bow.”

“Yeah, but you can’t make s’mores with a rifle.” Ivan adjusted a large flamethrower that almost looked properly proportioned in his massive, tattooed arms.

“Cut the wisecracks, you guys, or I’ll really have you all notching bowstrings for the next raid.” Sara smiled. “Now follow my lead. Don’t kill anyone unless they try to kill you first.” She gripped her rifle at the ready and began moving in. “Or unless I tell you to.”

Caesar, Ivan, and Dani nodded agreement and followed their captain into the vessel.

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