Rosebud Engineer David Baehr

When David Baehr was assigned the task of refitting space aboard the Rosebud for a Medical Bay, he’d considered it beneath his station as the ship’s engineer. It seemed like a task more befitting an interior decorator. But presently, he could barely contain his excitement as he inspected the robotic equipment packaged into the medical crate. A NurseAssist, the Banner’s top-of-the-line robotic medical assistance nurse! This little pirate ship would be the envy of all the dwarves on Hades.

Actually, the dwarves back home would just envy his freedom. Monte may have started his illicit abolitionist movement to spite the Banner of Galactic Peace, but David and his fellow freedmen were grateful regardless of the motives.

He found the NurseAssist instructional card in the packaging and returned to his lab. With the flat little datadisk inserted into his holomon, David scanned through the operational guide. There were a lot of engineers who preferred to ignore instructions and just figure things out on their own (David himself often fit in that category), but playing with irreplaceable hardware made him cautious.

As David considered the device’s range of motion, power needs, and the optimal location for a medical lab, he realized the best space to install the new medical bay and its NurseAssist would be the portside lounge. The crew would be bummed to lose it, and so would the staryacht’s original owners, but a pirate ship could make do without one. He’d have to take it up with Captain Falconer at his earliest convenience.

In the meantime, he’d have to get acquainted with the little robot in the box. Good things, the dwarf mused to himself, often came in small packages.

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