Star Flickers

Star Flickers is awesome. It’s a light, dexterity-based game with great artwork, and a fun competitive element. Moving a Star Flicker is easy, as you can see below:

Even my two-year-old can do this. But clever, exact positioning is a matter of skill and luck, making it one of those games where everyone is watching the active player with bated breath to see if his ship will end up where he wants. Down time between turns is also minimal, making it a great game for a crowd. When people ask me which games this game is similar to, I have to say it’s like a space-age version of Flick ‘Em Up. Or for those who aren’t familiar with that, it’s like billiards or mini-golf, but with space ships instead of balls and scenarios like racing and capture the flag instead of dropping spheres into holes.

The terrain pieces are beautiful 3-D renders with edges postprocessed to make them stand out, and a grungy-worn layer added to give it that old-space look.

The more about the game is available on the Game Crafter, where you can also buy it if you’re interested. However, as of this date (March 6, 2018) the price point is $44. I’m currently trying to get a crowd sale with the Game Crafter where the price will be better for a week. We’ll see if that comes to pass!