First Sale! But how?

Star Flickers started life as an alt-artwork tile set for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (HotAC), which is an awesome co-operative mod for X-Wing created by Josh Derksen. I realized early on that I’d need to tie a simple game to it in order to get Game Crafter to enable crowd sales and such. And that simple game took on a life of its own and has captured my imagination for the past few months of design.

Well, we’re definitely at the end of the development cycle now: I sold my first copy of Star Flickers! I’m not sure how exactly since I haven’t advertized its publication much.

I have been pretty active in the community revolving around HotAC, but I haven’t provided any links or anything. Someone must have sought it out on the Game Crafter website and went ahead and ordered it. Sneaky consumer. The reason I haven’t pushed it much is because I was hoping to get a Crowd Sale approved on the Game Crafter, effectively reducing the price for everyone.

Well to Mr. Mystery Orlando, Florida Guy Who’s Getting A Sneaky Advance Copy – cheers to you and I hope you love it. I’ve certainly put a lot of sleepless nights into it!

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