Star Flickers

I’ve been working on a new game called Star Flickers and it should appeal to anyone who likes mini-golf (who doesn’t?) and science-fiction. Actually, liking science fiction is optional. Anyway, the game involves little ships called Star Flickers with designs inspired half by the Millenium Falcon, half by the Defiant, and maybe half random lego sets I grew up with. Yes, that makes them 150% inspired.

More of a tabletop game than a true board game, Star Flickers is played by taking turns flicking your ship around the table. To what end? Well, the game will have a number of different play modes: racing through an obstacle course (with random power-ups and weapons a la Mario Kart), a mini-golf-like checkpoint game where the least number of flicks will determine the victor, team Capture the Flag (with gun turrets!), and probably others.

This game will all take place in the same universe as my Forsaken Worlds brand, so those who purchase the game will get a little taste of my writing. Fun!

Shown here is an SVG-25 Star Flicker. You’ll note the middle has a little laser blast thing. This is punched out and a quarter (or half-euro for my European friends) is placed in the center to give the ship some extra heft. The laser cutout is then used as one of the weapons to attack fellow players. Nifty, huh? More details to come!

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